The Adverse Effects of Methoxetamine

There is always the same pattern of how stimulants are abused and eventually illegalized. When a new drug is invented, it will become popular quickly. When the government finds out that the drug is dangerous, it will put the drug under control and eventually criminalize its abuse. The way that drug is invented may be either through research or designing. Some drugs are actually substances that are used in a research and the others are drugs that are referred to as designer drugs. Although they initially are not intended for consumption, they are eventually consumed by drug users because of their potentiality to become recreational drugs. Drugs like methoxetamine (MXE) are considered recreational drugs that emerge accidentally. Their source is not really known and they accidentally become popular because some people have used them for recreation.

MXE has chemical features that are similar to those of ketamine. Although ketamine has become a common anesthetic in human and veterinary medicine, the utilization of MXE for the same purpose has not been common. MXE remained unknown to public until less than a decade ago in 2010 and its remedial and adverse effects are still under research up to today. This is the reason why only few countries that have criminalized its illegal consumption. Most countries regard it as a controlled substance and users who want to try it can always get it and try it without worrying about legal consequence.

Just like other abused substances, MXE is also very potential to cause addiction. It gives its users euphoric sensation 30 minutes after it is taken and the effect will last for the next few hours. Unless the users re-dose, they will start experiencing the adverse effects of MXE consumption. This urge to re-dose is the primary factor that increases the drug’s likeliness to cause addiction.

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